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The basic crossover topology of MZ SpeakerDesigner is a simple ladder network with horizontal and vertical elements:

Basic ladder network

The following elements are available:
  • Capacitors
  • Inductors
  • Resistors
  • Drivers
The dots between the elements are called nodes and are surrounded by rectangles to indicate the area, where the node can be clicked by the mouse. The maximal number of nodes is limited to 51 per way, which is far more than ever will be used. So the only practical limit is, that an element can not be connected to a distant node. A capacitor leading from node 2 to node 4 is not possible.

The first enhancement to the basic topology is to add parallel horizontal and serial vertical elements:

Enhancement 1

The second enhancement is to add a serial element to a parallel horizontal or a parallel element to a serial vertical element:

Enhancement 2

User interface

How to create a new network:

Use the right mouse button and click on a node to make the popup menu appear. Select the element you want to add from the menu. Horizontal elements are always inserted to the right of the node, vertical elements downwards. Existing elements will automatically be shifted.

To add multiple vertical elements you will have to create a horizontal wire first. Then use the new node at the end of the wire to create the vertical element.

To use enhancement one and two click on an existing element and select the desired menu item.

How to edit or delete a element:

Click on the element to make the popup menu appear. Left button double click on a element brings up the editor window.

Crossover viewer

MZ SpeakerDesigner includes a crossover viewer, which displays the full wiring diagram of the speaker. The elements are arranged automatically, no manual positioning is required or possible. The diagram can be printed or a bitmap with a resolution of up to 1200 dpi can be created.

Seas Bifrost A 2-way crossover with 7 elements.

Visaton Classic 200 A 3-way crossover doubles the number of elements needed.

Strassacker WAF A 3-way speaker from a german loudspeaker shop with 11 drivers.


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