Matthias Zbinden

From Winterthur, Switzerland

About me

Date of birth 5 July 1960
Graduation Electrical engineer ETH Zurich
Know how Analog circuit design
Windows C++ programming
Love life Not married but in a stable relationship
Religion Mix of Buddhist, Shaman, Rastafari and Jedi
My music House and Reggae
My movies Kill Bill
Star Trek TNG and Voyager
My books Castaneda
My sport Formula One

Software projects

MZ SpeakerDesigner A shareware loudspeaker design and simulation program


The M4 Alignment A new alignment for vented loudspeakers


My sister's web page
My brother's web page
My favorite audio forum. I'm Dissi
My favorite house radio station
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Contact me (Email)

Last update: 6 March 2013