MZ SpeakerDesigner

Current program version: Unreleased, expected on 30 September 2012


MZ SpeakerDesigner is a small but very powerful loudspeaker design and simulation program. It supports passive speakers with up to 20 ways and allows the virtual construction of a speaker in exactly the same way as in the real world. First a cabinet is created, then the drivers are mounted and finally a crossover network is designed. The program simulates the resulting SPL, impedance, step response and much more. Supported are closed and vented (bass reflex) systems, transmission lines and back loaded horns.

Included features:
  • Driver database
  • Cabinet viewer
  • Crossover optimizer
  • Edge diffraction calculator
  • Filter database
MZ SpeakerDesigner is intended for:
  • The development of new loudspeakers. See the results before you buy any drivers and build a cabinet.
  • Speaker builders without measurement equipment. Don't get stuck at the crossover design for your self-constructed loudspeaker.
  • Data management. Build your own archive of loudspeaker projects and driver data sets.
The program runs under Microsoft Windows and is published as shareware. Full functionality is provided for an evaluation period of 30 days. After that you will have to enter a registration key to keep the program running. The user license is a once in a lifetime payment, all future updates will be for free.


Appearance of main screen after loading a project (Seas Mimir):


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Last update: 7 September 2012